GeoRCCraft Studio website and Discord will be shutting down on March 4th 2024:

Why March 4th? Because that's when my website domain registration expires. The link for the website will continue to work however the website will no longer be updated. Every week I will prune members who have not been active on Discord in over 7 days. Why am I shutting down GeoRCCraft Studio? Because I’ve lost the passion to continue making modpacks. I’ve been busy with real life and enjoying my time on God’s beautiful earth in the real world, not a digital one. I will not be deleting the last version of any modpack from the ATLauncher. However I will be removing the projects from Curseforge on March 4th. I will likely continue to keep ATL versions playable behind the scenes and keep up with security updates as required. I’m in the process of changing all links to point to ATLauncher services/Discord. Thank you all for the last few years.