Hot & Steamy Changelogs


- Updates Discord Link to


- Performance improvements

- Removes Media Player


- Performance improvements

- Minor game-play changes. Players who strategize can use this to their advantage when they figure it out.


- Media Player menu

- Server icon will actually update if update to it is ever released


- Modified mob spawning to help with entity count/blocklag 


Update 1.0.4

- Removed duplicate script

- Built foundation for a new control panel

- Control panel can now close without use of start button

- Start menu can be accessed with control panel in background

- Buttons on start menu can be pressed with power options menu open (with exception to Discord)


- Immersive Vehicles

- Inventory Tweaks

- Tough as Nails 


Update 1.0.3

- Chickens Dark theme support

- JEI dark theme fix

- Removed OTG & Biome Bundle.

- Loading screen is now orange

- Fixed issue with being unable to load worlds after death

- Fixed Audiodeath sounds 


Update 1.0.2

- Zombies now spawn in max group of 5

- Now there can be no more than 20 zombies at your door 


Update 1.0.1

- New death sound

- Taskbar icon

- Name for title bar now says Hot & Steamy: A Shower Pack 


Welcome to Hot & Steamy, one of the hardest modpacks I have ever created. I haven't been able to survive a single night so far and I created the pack! I wish you all good luck while you try to survive.