Caved IN April Fools 2019

For April Fools day this year I released a new menu for Caved IN. The modpack's menu was themed to be a bad looking Windows computer. Below are some images.

This is the start screen. Every time that you load up the modpack this will be the screen that you see. This will fade to black and back to blue just like the actual windows 10 update screen does.

This is the desktop. Featuring the background from Windows XP but made to look like a crappy Windows 10. The Start button works! The date will always show as April 1, 2019 and will show you the vanilla Minecraft credits.

This is the Start menu itself. Singleplayer and Multiplayer do exactly what you think that they do. While control panel opens up the bottom left menu and power options opens the bottom right menu. Discord simply tried to open up the Discord invite link in your default web browser.

This is the control panel. Options takes you to the Minecraft options menu, while Mods will take you to the Minecraft Forge Mods menu. Files/Saves opens up file explorer or finder and allows you to see, edit, etc your Caved IN 3 saves. Lastly the version number is at the bottom of the window.

This is the power options menu featuring two, count them... TWO (2) buttons. Power off and Cancel. If I need to explain these any further I will be very sad. This window does also feature a thank you for playing the April Fools 2019 update. "See you soon, #username#!"

Video by Mudd1321 that features the April Fools update, and his reaction to it.