VRPack Installation

Please keep in mind that in order to use the VRPack you do need an Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Only the Rift/Rift S are compatible! Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, & Meta VR headsets will NOT work!

Things you will need:

- Steam/Steam account with SteamVR installed:

- A copy of Vivecraft Client for the version of Minecraft the pack is built for

- Either the normal Minecraft Launcher, or MultiMC

- Any software required by the manufacturer of your VR equipment to work.

Modpack Information Page can be found: HERE

Now that you have installed and downloaded all necessary files, open the "Installation Files" folder and copy everything in it to the root of your instance,

this will overwrite a few files that don't work in VR as well as install some customized files to make the VR experience better.

For example, in Alone, your hot bar has a time of day display above it. Alone normally has this in the top left of the screen.

Now install Steam, make an account, and install the SteamVR tools. This will allow the modpack to communicate with your headset.

Now download/open the Vivecraft installer. Set it to install Minecraft Forge for the version of the modpack you want to play.

Information for version of Forge you must install can be found here: Modpack Information

Set the Minecraft install directory, if using the normal Minecraft Launcher you can leave this as is. If you are using MultiMC you will need to change it to your MultiMC install.

Give it a name of your choice, I recommend that you make it the same as your ATLauncher install.

Make sure that RAM is set to at least 4 Gigs.

The modpack directory will need to be set to the root folder of your ATLauncher modpack instance. If not set to this folder it will not work!

Launch the game from either the Minecraft Launcher or MultiMC, whichever you chose to use.

Congraulations! You should now be able to play your GeoRCCraft made modpack in Virtual Reality. Keep in mind this will only work for the one modpack install. You will need to repeat this process for multiple modpacks.

Visit the following website for help on how to play the game: http://www.vivecraft.org/how-to-play/


Q: The modpack was just updated and I want to update. Do I have go though this whole process again?

A: No, just copy/replace files using what is in the new VRPack after every update/reinstall

Q: When I press some buttons on the controller the screen goes black, but I can see a glimpse of the screen in the top left.

A: Quit the game and remove the Blur mod. Relaunch and the issue should be fixed.

Q: Do all modpacks include a VRPack? How do I play any modpack in VR?

A: Not all modpacks are designed to work with VR. The term VRPack is one that I (GeoRCCraft) made up as a way to inform people that if they wanted to play one of my modpacks in VR they would need to install all the files in the "Pack" to make its modpack work.

Q: Why can't I launch my modpack from the ATLauncher?

A: The ATLauncher is not built to support Vivecraft, the software used to allow modpacks to run in VR. But as the pack is hosted through the ATLauncher it will continue to handle updates.